Welcome to Ride for Mom!

Ride for Mom: 2012 –2019. Eight years of a wonderfully positive impact on families and members of our community. Eight years of immense cycling fun. Thousands of riders. Hundreds of volunteers. Many generous sponsors and donors. Many supportive vendors. Over $100,000.00 in grants made to youth charities in our community.

The event will be remembered for all the fun and comradery we had over those eight years while doing something positive.

Regrettably, most good things don’t last forever. It’s been a great run. But the time has come for the Ride for Mom event to retire.

Given that Covid is not impacting events in our community as it once did, it is now time to make this announcement.

On behalf of an amazing Organizing Committee, our Board of Directors, and my family and friends, thank you for your unwavering support of Ride for Mom.

Be Active. Eat Healthy. Live Better!

Warmest wishes,
Bob Fores
Ride for Mom Founder