Jinx and Ride for Mom

I started riding my bike fifteen years ago when my mother, “Jinx”, battled cancer, a second time. This time she lost that battle.

Cancer, and diabetes, run deep in my family.

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are terrible diseases-the scourge of our generation.

It is estimated that as a result of these three diseases alone, $800 billion to a trillion dollars are lost annually in medical costs and lost employee time. That does not include the profound emotional and social costs to families and friends. Several major cancers, some diabetes and heart disease are preventable through exercise and good eating habits, choices that all of us can make right now. Imagine the savings that would be realized if we as a society made better lifestyle choices!

The goal of the organizing committee is for all of our participants to have fun participating in a healthy activity while raising awareness about how to live better-making different and better lifestyle choices. Be Active. Eat Healthy. Live Better! I believe my Mom would still be with us if she had made different lifestyle choices.

We would welcome any questions or comments on our event or how to improve it. E-mail us at info@rideformom.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at Ride for Mom next year, 2022!

Bob Fores
Founder, Ride for Mom®